Видеосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф — Видеосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Рома Романов

Hello! My name is Roma. I'm a wedding videographer, I'm shooting in Moscow and all over the world. 

 I'm happy to shoot weddings, full of smiles and emotions, days filled with love and warmth.

 I really like the reportage style of shooting, because it completely conveys the real emotions of couples in love. The meaning of my work is to save and remind you what you felt that day. Give you a chance to remember every moment of your story. This story is of two loving hearts. Save them for yourself!

 Look at my movies and reviews from my guys. 

 Tell me about you and your day, I'll be glad to hear it. Ready to answer any questions, just send me a message convenient for you.  

Contact phone/WhatsApp/Viber
+7 (964) 502-86-41

Email: romanov.videos@gmail.com