Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Oksana Nosik


Roma, hello! Yesterday Nastya sent us a video from you. Thank you very much for them!!! It turned out so cool, we absolutely loved it! This is exactly the video we wanted to get in the end)) Although no, it’s even cooler than we expected!!! The most important, cool and beautiful moments hit, I almost burst into tears while watching everything, again))) You are a wonderful and the best videographer and I am extremely happy that you agreed to work with us and shoot such cool, lively and real videos for us!!! Thank you very much for this!!! Working with you is a real thrill, very fun, easy, positive!)) We really enjoyed shooting both love-story and wedding videos!)) And the main thing is that at the wedding you seemed to be everywhere and at once, because there are generally all!!! I don’t know how to put into words all the emotions that I feel after watching, very cool!!! And you took our favorite music🤩🤩🤩 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are so cool and with all our hearts we wish you as many good couples as possible! We are very glad that you were with us at the celebration, and our guests especially remembered you))) Everyone later said that you danced cool!))) And it was thanks to you that we started watching films in the original)) You were right — this is a whole a new world, all old films are now reviewed with completely different eyes. There is something special about it, as you said!)) undefined Thank you immeasurably for everything!!! I hope that we will have another reason to meet and film something as cool!))undefinedThank you, thank you, thank you, you are the best!! 🙏😉😊 Oksana and Misha

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Viktoriya Shishova

About a couple of weeks before the celebration, we found Roman, we really liked his work. After the meeting, we agreed on cooperation and never regretted it. I would like to note two main factors why Roma is a very cool videographer. The first and most important thing is, of course, the video. We are very pleased with both the short video and the whole film: we have already shown it to our parents and friends, everyone is delighted. The shooting itself is excellent, it is interestingly edited and cool nuances from the wedding are noticed, not only we, but also the guests like to revise. An important point: on the video, all the guests are clearly audible, even those who spoke very quietly or were without a microphone, and it was difficult to hear them at the celebration itself. The second (no less important) point: on the wedding day, you need to have “your” people nearby with whom you feel comfortable and pleasant to communicate — and this also applies to contractors, especially if they spend almost the whole day next to you. We were very lucky, because Roma is a great person (it was already clear at the meeting), easy and laid-back in communication, and we are glad that he worked at our wedding. This is not to mention the other working moments, that the video was made on time and even quite quickly by wedding standards. Conclusion: we will advise everyone to Roman, a true professional and a good person, the videos are excellent, the value for money is just super. Thanks again Roma! Vika and Artyom.

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Anita Tretyak


Roma, thank you very much from Lesha and me! We immediately watched the clip, we really liked it, today we also watched the film))) such a warm and touching movie about us could only be made by such a talented person as you! So happy that our Yulenka recommended you! I thought the video was overkill, but now I understand how much I was mistaken. Again and again, it is breathtaking and tears of happiness roll over looking at these frames! I told you this personally, and once again I repeat, you are absolutely a real artist ❤ details, ribbons, air, laughter — everything is so sensual, so delicate. Plus, you are a very easygoing and positive person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us preserve the atmosphere of our happy day for the rest of our lives)) there are so many wishes in wedding films, and we want to wish you the achievement of your personal and professional goals! And many many good people on the way))) we really hope that there will be some other good reason to meet)))

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Anastasia Tingaeva


There are so many emotions after watching the video and clip from our wedding that I want to write a review on three A4 with a detailed description of everything! But this has already been written above! All true) Roma, thank you very much for the work done! And I already wrote personally, thank you for your attitude to the process! All friends and relatives mentioned the videographer at the wedding! Mega fun! Mega positive! Set the mood) rescued) If you are looking for a pro who will make you a beautiful touching video that gives you goosebumps (like ours) or funny, to tears, then you have found him! Thanks again! Definitely recommend!

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Olga Victoria


Romochka, thank you so much for your work!!!! Not only is it insanely comfortable with you at the very moment of filming and you cheer up, you also got the coolest video and film. I don’t know when you managed to capture all the moments of the wedding, but after watching the film, I realized that there were moments that I don’t remember myself 😂 I hope it’s not just the fault☝ Probably need to write that he arrived on time and was with us before the victory!) And definitely the video must be ordered!!! Because these are living emotions that you can experience and laugh always when watching… and I laughed heartily! You are awesome and thanks for the amazing result!

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Ekaterina Balakhonova


It’s time for me to share my hyper-enthusiastic review. When we first met Roma, I realized that with him, my future husband and I would be easy and calm. We never had photo shoots, filming. And in general, both of us don’t really like the camera, but she loves us 😂 But this day began, Roma turned on his equipment and away we go. It seems to me that being able to capture the moment without frightening it is an endless talent and skill. Thank you, Roma, for calmness, comfort and positive on such an important day for us. When the holiday ended, after the allotted time of the hardest expectations, we got the result. I cried, I laughed, I cried again, I danced. It’s endlessly cool! It’s been 3 days and I’ve watched the clip 20 times and the movie (1:40 for a second☝) 3 times. Roma managed to create something that 100% takes me to the happiest day of my life. Filming and editing the whole spectrum of emotions in this way is ❤❤❤ I’m happy that we chose you, and it would be a sad mistake if we refused the video. Photos will never convey that storm of feelings, as a video made by you can. Thank you for the most precious thing we have left after the wedding 🙏

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Vadim Obolenskiy


Trust the job to a professional! — be guided by this phrase when you want to do something truly high-quality and unforgettable;) And the name of the person in whose hands the camera should be is Roman! Everyone’s life is full of bright events, writing them down only in your head, it’s certainly budgetary, but reliving them again is truly priceless! Romka well done and handsome!!! He sincerely felt and helped to collect the most real and therefore ideal picture of that day! We once again saw the joy of friends and parents and plunged into sweet nostalgia for a couple of hours)) We looked from the outside and admired what happened!!! We have something to tell, and now we still have something to show! The right people give the right emotions!!! I did not expect that everything would be so cool and professional, Roman, as in the slogan of the automaker — exceeded expectations! This means only one thing, a person in his place: cool, like a professional! Wonderful as a person, it’s nice that he was, albeit at work, in our company on the most significant day for us! Thanks again!!! When I saw the first video for 3 minutes, I ran and rejoiced like crazy… and then I found out that there was also a film for 30 minutes, I generally lost my head))) guys, remember one golden phrase: “The bitterness of poor quality is even felt when the sweetness of a low price has long been forgotten” do not save on professionals, because this is just a small gratitude for the happiness and emotions that such wonderful Aces of their craft as Roman can give you! Romka respect to you at the highest level! Thanks !)

Видео и фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве Видеограф Фотограф. Wedding videographer Mexico

Elena Yanshina


Our family met Roma at a friend’s wedding. The short video was very cool, perky and super creative, with great taste! Therefore, when starting to organize our wedding, we simply dreamed that this guy would make a video about the birthday of our family! It was great to see a videographer in the wedding team with a wonderful sense of humor, calmness and a creative look at everything that happens. The day passed with a bang with fun and jokes! Naturally, we waited to see with impatience and great interest, waiting for something super creative. They were not deceived for a minute — the video turned out to be very lively, wonderful, with the juiciest selection of all the moments of the wedding. Family and friends are thrilled! And the more we watch, the more we like it! We are very, very, very glad that we were lucky enough to meet such a creative person and such a professional! Roma, good luck and conquer new heights! I hope we will cooperate again 😘